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What is the work of the property appraiser?

The duty of the property appraiser is to identify, locate and justly value all property, both personal and real for the purposes of taxation. The services of the appraisers are especially important when one needs to buy or sell a piece of property. They help the parties involved in determining the price that most people would be willing to pay in order to acquire a given property.

What else can the property appraiser do?

Other than valuation, the property appraiser also does the following-:

  • Track ownership changes to the various properties
  • Maintain current maps of the property boundaries
  • Keep the legal descriptions of the various properties up to date
  • Accept applications and approve individuals eligible for property tax exemptions

Do property appraisers levy taxes?

  1. The property appraiser is not a tax collector or a tax authority. Their only mandate is to assess property and they have nothing to do with tax collection.

What does market value mean during property appraisal?

Market value refers to the value at which your property could sell on the open market. It is the duty of the property appraiser to analyze the market transactions each year so that they can determine the fair market value of properties as of January 1st of every year.

What are property tax exemptions?

Property tax exemption refers to relief given to certain types of property, whereby they will not be charged any tax at all or they will pay slightly lower rates are compared to other types of properties. The Canadian laws state clearly the kinds of properties which might be entitled to total or partial property tax exemptions.

The appraised value of my property is too high, can I appeal?

Yes. You can always appeal if you think that the appraisal of your property is too high or too low. The law permits you make a formal request of for a review of the appraisal. A date and venue will then be set and you will be given a chance to explain why you think the value of the appraisal is not in tandem with the real value of your property.

But before you make such a complaint, you are highly advised to consult with your appraiser so that they can explain to you how they arrived at the decision. If you will not be convinced by their explanation, you can then go ahead and make the appeal.

How do I change the mailing address on my property?

To change the mailing address on your property, you will be required to fill in and submit an “Address Change Request Form”. The form must have one of the owner’s name signed on it and digital signatures are not allowed. Your address cannot be changed in the absence of a duly filled “Address Change Request Form”.

Can I inherit a homestead exemption if I buy a property with a homestead exemption?

If at the time of purchase the seller had homestead exemption, then you may take advantage of the exemption for the remaining period of the sale year.

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