Guthrie Center Property Appraiser

The Guthrie Center property appraiser is responsible for finding, locating, and fairly valuing all property within Guthrie County with the purpose of assessing the taxable value. It's generally done at market value, which is essentially what someone would pay for the current state of your property in Guthrie Center, Iowa. To get questions answered about your appraisal, find a property appraiser, or appeal a decision made by a property appraiser in Guthrie Center, you can contact them at the following address:

Office Information For the Guthrie Center, Iowa Property Appraiser

Name: Guthrie County Assessor

Address: Guthrie County Courthouse, 200 North 5th St., Guthrie Center, IA 50115

Phone: (641)747-3319

Fax: (641)747-8206

Time Zone: Central


Frequently Asked Property Appraiser Questions:

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